Thermostat Housing

PME offers the TH-302 and TH-351W for Cast iron heads or Aluminum heads and you can have it with or without the water bypass.  So cruiser or racer, we’ve got you covered.

302 housing on left, 351W on right

Part No. TH-302 or TH-351W   $216.12 for Kit

Note:This product cannot be used on water pumps that were made before 1970. On earlier models the bypass water hose connection is different and would have to be supplied by the consumer.

This 302 Kit is shown with no water bypass.

Clevor engine owners, you are in luck!
Owners of 351W Blocks or 302 Blocks and 351C heads have made a special place at PME.  We like the idea of the big canted valve head. But at PME we like the water to go out front where it belongs.

This kit is sold complete with fittings and hoses so that everything you need for the installation is in the box! The housing is now powder coated for looks and easy maintenance. (Aluminum color)

The thermostat housing mounts to the engine by removing the top two bolts on the 351W front cover and replacing them with the studs included in the kit.

The part has been machined to accept the 90 degree neck of the 429-460 Ford,the angled neck of the Modified and the straight up neck of a 351C.