Price Motorsport Engineering, Inc.

 Welcome to the Price Motorsport Eng. Inc website! 2023 Price Motorsport Eng.,Inc. (which will now be referred to as PME) website is designed with the hope the you will easily find the PME product that you need to enhance your car project.

Due to the rising costs of raw materials, well, we had to raise the prices again. We are lucky to still obtain the materials, but alas they keep going up.  01/20/2023

PME sells direct to the customer. Call to order and for technical assistance at 1-812-546-4220.  Bill or Mary will be glad to hear from you. Hours are Mon-Thur 9am-4pm, Fri, Sat and Sun Closed

Mary & Bill Price

Price Motorsport Engineering, Inc.    205 Main St., Hope, IN 47246
Phone 812-546-4220    
PME does not take orders over the internet.  Call and talk to Mary or Bill and know that we care that you get the right product the first time.