Carb Adapters

The CA-2300 was designed for the Ford enthusiast that happens to
be the proud owner of a Ford 4 Cylinder 2300.

This sweet little part has fins that blend to the lower portion of the late model EFI intake manifold. 

The PME CS-2300 will direct the flow right in to the ports and eliminate any long hours trying to come up with something good.

This is definitely something good! Just pop on a Holley 500 2 barrel carburetor and away you go right to the checkered flag.

The CA-460EFI was designed with the performance person in mind.
Put a Square Bore Holley Carburetor on a 460 EFI Intake Manifold
or put on a 460 Turbo. This flange allows you to bolt on a variety of choices. The CA-460EFI-HP is for a larger carburetor. The hole size has been enlarged for greater performance.

Sometimes people do just the opposite of the EFI engine owners. The CA-Reverse takes a regular stock 460 engine and makes it possible to mount a fuel injection on top.

Webber Carburetor Adapter! That’s such a exceptional idea.  Why not make something work that is easily available?  The old carbs are harder and harder to find, so why not put something that is brand spankin’ new?

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Part No CA-2300

Part No CA-460EFI

Part No CA-460EFI-HP

Part No CA-Reverse

Part No. CA-Webber

Stromberg carburetor adapter. Requested by one of our customers that had purchased a 3 deuce intake from Edelbrock.  He then realized that to make it “Ford” he needed the Carbs to mount backwards. That’s exactly what they do!

Part No.CA-Stromberg