High Port Exhaust

These plates are made for  the
 351 Cleveland head .
The heads will need to have the exhaust side of the head machined to place the high port plate into position. PME machines the heads:
$275.for the pair. The price does not include the shipping costs or port matching
     Also, on the Ford heads, your current outside studs will no longer be long enough. So click onto page for Head Studs.

Also See Head Bolts and Head Studs

Part Number EP-23  $397.97

Cleveland heads with the high port exhaust plate is not a new revolutionary idea, itís just a good idea.

When the exhaust flow is restricted the engine cannot live up to itís full potential.


High Port Exhaust plates for the 429-460 Ford head

Part Number EP-22 $432.58

The price for Machining the 429-460 Heads for EP-22 is
$300.00 a pair, however if you need inserts to raise
 the floor like EP-22-A or EP-22-B there is an extra
$50.00 for installing them.

Part No. EP-22-A is for cylinder heads up to 1972. $119.79

Part No. EP-22-B is for SCJ heads. $119.79

Detailed instructions are included with EP-22 and you also will receive instrucions with EP-22-A and/or EP-22-B if you need them. Remember heads that are 1972 and up do not need inserts.