AP-33  Intake Adapter Kit

351W Block, 351 Cleveland 4V Heads, 351W Intake

   Thereís one sure fire way to make a Windsor engine look better- - -  put some hunky, massive, awesome Cleveland 4V heads right on it !

     The oiling system on a Windsor block is far superior to the Cleveland and letís face it the Cleveland blocks are getting far and few between.

     Cleveland and Windsor heads can physically interchange but there are some things you should do when you start this project.

     There are water holes in the block that need adjusting and you need to block off water in two places on the head side of the heads.

   Wait until you have complete instructions before you start your machining.


Backside side of AP-33

with 2 sets gaskets $380.29
 (1) set blanks (1) set Windsors

See Intake Insert  INS-351C 4V

By installing the INS-351C 4V inserts and blocking off the bottom part of the port, the ports of the Windsor and Cleveland are now about the same height. The plate raises the intake to the top of the 4V head where the air runs the best.