AP-32  Intake Adapter Kit

302 Block, 351 Cleveland 4V Heads, 302 Intake

Remember the good ole days when the 302 Boss engine ruled the road?   Hereís a way to keep the look and get better performance.

The Cleveland 4V heads are really similar to the old 302 Boss.  A water passage is the only difference.  They look
great but have a little problem with low end torque.

See the Intake insert for the 351C 4V Head.  By reducing the volume and placing the 302 intake of your choice on the top, this baby will really hum.

Have the look,have the power.

The Adapter plate kit raises the 302 port to the top of the C 4V head, so itís in the proper position to optimize the flow to
the valve. By installing the  intake inserts you have made the ports the same height.

Backside of AP-32 Plate


with 2 sets gaskets $380.29
(1) set blanks (1) Windsors

See Intake Insert INS-351C 4V