AP-29 & AP-30 Intake Adapter Kits

Now you can get your AP-29 for Edelbrock, TFS, TFS/Edel Int, or Pro Comp heads. Just tell Bill or Mary that you have these heads when ordering.

See Distributor Kit

So many pickups were blessed with the Modified engine. When the time finallly comes to rebuild or redo, why not improve? Whether making the 2V breathe better or going all out with the 4V, the Cleveland manifolds will give you the results you desire.  The 351/400M engine has a very short distributor. If you wish, you may use a 351W distributor that has a taller housing and install your Modified gear.  Or you can use your distributor with a PME Distributor Kit.

Edelbrock Kit is the same price as a regular AP-29. The other kits are much more specialized. Therefore they cost more.

AP-29 351M/400M Blk, 351C 2V or 351M Hd, 351C 2V Int  $361.92

AP-29G with gaskets $392.49

AP-30  351M/400M Blk, 351C 4V Hd,351C 4V Int  $361.92

AP-30G with gaskets $392.49

AP-29PC  351M/400M Blk, Pro Comp Hd, Pro Comp Int $393.25

AP-29TFS 351M/400M Blk, TFS Hd, TFS Int $393.25

AP-29T-E 351M/400M Blk, TFS HD, Edelbrock Int  $393.25