AP-09  Intake Adapter Kit

302 Block, 351 Cleveland 2V Heads, 302 Intake

Backside of plate


with 2 sets gaskets  $362.24 (1) SET BLANKS (1) SET WINDSORS

   A Big Block that is a small block.  Well, thatís how I would describe Cleveland heads on a 302 Block.  In the old days, the 302 Boss ruled the road, but the large ports hampered the low end torque.
   Now you can have the look, the power and the low end torque with this adapter plate put on a 2V head. 
   The 302 port is a good match up as far as height and width, but the corners are different. Very little work is required to make the match up work great.
   The adapter plate kit has a water passage in it so you can run the water through the manifold.