AP-01 & AP-04   Intake Adapter Kits

351W Block,351 Windsor Heads, 302 Intake

AP-01 is for the cast iron head and any OEM replacement head. The AP-04 is for the taller aftermarket ports.  The AP-04TH is used when you have a taller port and you want to use something that was meant to be for OEM designed a few years ago.  Chances are that there wouldn’t be enough material to port it out all the way, so PME designed this plate .220 with extra thickness to help raise up the OEM intake into a place it could do the most good.
   The two side plates are billet aluminum and the lifter valley tray is cast aluminum that has been powder coated with an aluminum color to help our customers keep their rides looking just right
     PME is used to customizing the ports to fit the particular cylinder head that you have purchased.  There are certain dimensions that are always asked. Measure starting at left side of head.


 B-Width of port

E-Corner Radius or Diameter


C-Height of port

D-Distance from bottom of head to bottom of port


A-Distance from center of bolt hole to left side of Port

 F The distance from bottom of head to valve cover rail.

See Distributor Kit

AP-01 & AP-04 $357.26

with 2 sets gaskets  $386.30

AP-04TH $366.94
with 2 sets gaskets  $396.79