351Windsor 2X4  Intake

Part No. INT-403 .

The intake is offered with the 4 degree power angle and cut flat. 

Normal OEM heads are .315 up from the bottom of the head and 1.97 tall.  Most of the aftermarket heads are .365 to .400 up from the bottom and 2. to 2.1 tall.

PME has designed the port to be .4 up from the bottom and 1.9 tall. So, for an OEM you would port down and for the After market you would port up. 

The carburetors for this manifold will be Holley 0-1848-1 if we can find them. The carburetors will be mounted backwards to make more room and make it easier to install.

Part No.  INT-403-4
Part No. INT-403-Flat
Order the 4 degree power angle or flat


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Both the 4 degree and the flat will be level when installed. The difference of the height of the 4 degree is just because, well, it’ a 4 degree angle and it makes about a .9 difference between front and back. Usually on a single carb engine you do not notice the difference. They are about 3.9” from where it sits on end rail to the carburetor flange in the front.