AP-06  Intake Adapter Kit

 351 Cleveland Block, 351 2V Cleveland Heads, 302 Intake

The side plates are all CNC machined and there is no longer a water hole in the plate. These are meant to be used on a Cleveland Block and Cleveland 2V head with a 302 Intake.  (Water passage removed)


Here is another view of what a 3 deuce set up will look like on your Cleveland engine.

AP-06C Kit

add $12.00 if using with Holley Blower for the crank spacer.


with 2 sets gaskets $488.84

  The 302 Windsor style intake and the 351 Cleveland 2V Head ports are the same width and the same height, they just have different corners.

     With that in mind you might see how to put a Holley 174 Blower or a 302 Fuel injection system on your Cleveland Engine.  AP-06C allows that combination to come to life.