Header Flanges

Big Block Chevy Headers on a Big Block Ford !!!!!    EP-26

As you can see in the picture on the left, the exhaust flange has been cut at an angle. The Ford head is 5 degrees. The Chevy head is 12 degrees. So, these plates were engineered at 7 degrees.  The Chevy port is 2.1 tall by 2.050 wide. The Ford side is 2.0 tall by 1.33 wide. (8) mounting bolts are included.  Part No. EP-26 $299.73

Big Block Chevy Header Flanges to make them D Port

EP-25 consists of (2) 1/2 Billet aluminum plates and (8) castings to place in the floor of your exhaust ports. Mounting bolts and hardware for this is a kit! No welding required.               Part No. EP-25 $315.50