AP-34  Intake Adapter Kit

351M/400M Block, 351 Cleveland 2V or
351M Heads, 351W Intake

How could you possibly make the Modified engine sit up and take notice?

Fuel injection - - -  Oh yeah................

With the ability to put any 351 Windsor intake on the Modified engine you now have possiblities that up until today, you have only dreamed of.

Today is a good day to think of something that is fuel efficient and if it looks awesome too, well thatís just the way we like it.

Ford built a lot of Modified engines and they are still running.  Good news for the owners and good news for the manufacturer.  Everyone seems to know that the Modified is a reliable, dependable engine with big cubic inches. Just bring it into the present with a fuel injection system and you now have something people will be talking about.


with 2 sets gaskets $324.37