AP-14 & AP-15  Intake Adapter Kits

AP-14 351W Block, 351 Cleveland 2V Heads, 351 Cleveland 2V Intake

When the old Cleveland block gives out, you look around for a replacement. The Cleveland blocks are hard to find and its time to step into the ring with a Windsor block. The Cleveland heads make horse power and PME makes an adapter to help to make the transition. If you want to run this on the street, look at the Water Bypass section. Youll find a Thermostat housing/Water bypass that will work just fine for your application.

AP-14 or 15      $201.40

with 2 sets gaskets $225.40

Regular AP-15 kit on left and AP-15 Filled on right. The filled one is used when installing INS-351C 4V or filling with epoxy on floor to reduce the size of the port for better low end torque.

AP-15 351W Block, 351 Cleveland 4V Heads,351 Cleveland 4V Intake

Also see INS-351C 4V

Also See Thermostat Housing

Just like the AP-14 this adapter lets you utilize the Cleveland head and intake on a Windsor Block. Boy this Cleveland head really moves the CFMs through the intake port. Just a fantastic application for drag racing.
   If you want to run this on the street, PME suggests the Intake inserts to block off the lower portion of the port to increase your low end torque and still maintain the high performance CFMs that you require. Also look at the Thermostat Housing section if you are thinking about a street/strip ride.